About Molly

Hi and welcome to my blog. I hope you find something of interest here and join in the conversation if you feel inclined to do so. Here’s a bit about me:

Me in my first colourwork jumper

Me in my first colourwork jumper

I’m currently working on my third career – as a librarian. Prior to this I have worked as a trainer for companies as diverse as Lush cosmetics and iiNet and before that I was a scientist with a degree in Molecular biology and computer science. Life’s taken me in some interesting directions.

Now I’m employed as the eLearning Librarian at the State Library of Western Australia. I love my work and the great range of things I get to do there. Nonetheless my opinions don’t always match those of my employer and this personal blog may reflect that.

I’m passionate about a great many things, particularly the fiber arts of knitting, spinning and weaving. I own three spinning wheels, one loom and more yarn and fiber than I could use in years of effort. Being able to express myself creatively using colour and texture is extremely important and it’s unusual for me to go a day without knitting at least a few rows.

I live in Perth, Australia with my partner Craig and a house full of computers.

I can be found on:


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