It’s all a bit hard right now

It has been over two years since I last blogged. There is one very cute and very time consuming reason for that. He’s just turned two, is learning new words every day and pretty much annihilates any spare time that my partner and I have.

At the moment I’m working pIMG_3764art time. This is very important for my mental health and happiness. I do miss having more time for my creative outlets though. I’ve managed to eke out enough time to learn to weave which I’m really enjoying. I usually work on it after spud has gone to sleep (when I have enough energy).

Spud has been unwell again over the weekend so I’ve had three nights of minimal sleep. I feel kinda floaty, even with two double coffees in me. I’m hoping tonight is better. This also explains why this post may not be as coherent as I’d like.

I’ve been catching snatches of #blogjune, mostly from the blogs of friends I am subscribed to. I mentioned on Twitter that I was thinking of blogging about the intersection between parenting and professional development.

Unfortunately, professional development has taken a real back seat since having spud. It is a very frustrating and isolating part of being a new parent (and a new mother in particular).

Most local PD events are in the evenings. This makes it virtually impossible to get along to them. When I do get a rare evening off, I’m more inclined to have a break and catch up with friends. Online things are a bit easier. I’ve been trying to follow #23RDThings but I don’t have the concentration space at home, and when working two days per week it’s harder to justify spending time on this sort of thing. Even when it’s directly relevant to my work. It gives me new insight into why friends on Twitter went very quiet suddenly after having a baby. It also makes me sad that workplaces aren’t better at recognising and assisting with this transition. It’s very easy to be overlooked when you work part time.

I would so love to be more involved in blogjune and try to blog daily but it’s just not possible right now. I’m going to try for a few more posts. Hopefully I’ll find something a bit more upbeat to post about.