What to knit?

This is a just a quick post to ask for help. I have recently finished a few projects and I’m keen to cast on something new.

These are the choices I’m tossing up between…

Walk on the Moon in Wollmeise lace. I have a kit for this in the colours below:

Walk on the moon © mirih

The next option is Color Affection or as I prefer to call it, Colour Affliction. I haven’t settled on colours for this, but my Wollmeise stash is certainly equal to the challenge:

Color Affection © Drucilla

The final choice is a bir trickier. I want to do a variation on the Sierpinski Gasket shawl. It’s a fractal shawl pattern which appeals strongly to the geek in me. I want to do it from laceweight, something with silk or tencel (plenty in the stash). I’ll probably have to rework the pattern a bit before starting to knit. Something I could work on this weekend I guess.

The Sierpinski Gasket Shawl © Amanda M. Williams

Some additional considerations include that Walk on the Moon and Color Affection would be more wearable (I have loads of fine lace shawls which I mostly don’t wear already) but Sierpinski Gasket would be lighter and better for travelling with when I go to Europe in a month(!) I plan to knit all of these in due time, it’s just a matter of picking which to start. Maybe I should try to knock out one of the first two before my holiday and then start on number three while travelling.

Tell me what you think?


15 thoughts on “What to knit?

  1. Wow, a bit more impressive than my stash options – and I’m jealous that you can knit quickly enough to get them done in time for your holiday! Sounds like getting the first done before holidays and having the beautiful lace one organised ready for travelling might be a good choice 🙂

  2. Of course the correct response is: all of them! I’d say Colour Affection because it’s a design I’ve heard about a lot on knitting podcasts. Are you a monogamous knitter? I am slightly monogamous with an occasional fling on the side.

    • Thanks Tony! No, I’m not very monogamous when it comes to crafting. I have some things I work on at home (generally larger or more complex things) and other projects I take to knit on the train, at knitting groups etc.

      At the moment I have 6 knitting WIPs, only 2 of which I’m working on much at the moment. I also have a number of spinning WIPs.

      I get a bad case of castonitis from time to time but most things do get finished sooner or later. 🙂

    • Yup 😀

      That’s partly why I’m keen to do it. The other two are popular patterns that you see around a lot, the third isn’t and it would be a more unique and challenging project in many ways.

  3. That last one looks stunning, and maybe tricky enough to keep you interested over time. Are you a crocheter at all? You would probably love hyperbolic crochet, it’s all math based : ) I’ve always been meaning to crochet the Lorenz manifold, so beautiful and tricky and math-ish. If you are curious about it:http://www.math.auckland.ac.nz/~hinke/crochet/

    • Thanks Kelly. I used to crochet before I started knitting but haven’t done much since. We did have a free form crochet class at the knitting retreat I helped organise this year though which was very cool. Thanks for the link, the Lorenz manifold is beautiful!

  4. Walk on the moon. If you don’t do that one I might have to come over and steal your kit, because it is beautiful.

    • Haha, too late Angeline! I’ve already cast on (and am up to row 53). Keep an eye on the Australian knitters destash board on rav though because the kits do pop up from time to time. 🙂

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